Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

An outline of Harold`s letter, dated Nov. 11 2009

It is now harder to get a good job if you are convicted of a felony. Working for yourself, as an independent contractor, etc. is ok, but so many reguire licenses that the goverment now denies to felons. I used to face that when I was released.
It doesn`t matter how long ago it was, what level of skills are, etc. You will not get a license, be bonded, get insurance, etc for certain occupations. Our government,
both States and Federal, went overboard. People who are economically underprivileged
suffer the most. There are ways to survive but that requirs compassion by another.
Most, not all, of the guards here, accept us as just people who made mistakes. That is true of the world at large unless the employer was a victim of a crime. Those are hard to find fault with but it^`s also a case of the whole being sanction because of a view.
Justice-for, besides death penalty advocates would you consider if you aren`t already, leading a fight to offer aid , to those who want to try but are hindered by labels of criminal, felon, offender, convict, that are placed upon them?
Education of our youth is key to the success of any program rehabilitating the adults is the struggle. Learned behaviour is so very hard to change, particulary when the induvidual doesn`t desire change.
Amnesty tackles humanitarian issues worldwide. Some issues are just too attrocious to mention. So many are based upon religious beliefs that rise out of peoples ignorance, even greed. Our ancient peoples sacrified others, especially virgins to appease one god or another. Today similar beliefs cause religious riots to maim, even kill, for their gods. Can we ever educate a planet whose ignorance and superstitions have prevailed since manking first appeared? Probably not since the do gooders..the christians themselves are often just as evil, if not more so than the pagans they wish to erudiate. If we cannot fnd a balance in religious beliefs, how will we ever help those that err through crime?
Society says I am evil, there fore they place me in a place that contains evildoers.
Am I evil? Perhaps.
I did an evil deed, driven by anger and years of persecution. Society, doesn`t care why things came about, only what actually happend. I admitted my defeat years ago and have resigned myself to my fate. Here I will survive if I continue to care about myself. You,A. are a big part of that caring, but thats another issue entirely. Despite the many medical labels placed upon me, I seek to better myself in ways I can. Reading is the primary source. I see so many hypnotised by television and trash shows, soapoperas, etc, others play games of skill, yet so few seek educational pursuits that even a good book can provide.
These same people, if they are ever released won`t have additional skills to survive in the world. They step out of here and right back into the ruts they were plucked from to begin with. So many have grown up in here and have no clue how to behave in society, or what is required to survive as a free person. For some individuals being a career prisoner is their fate. It sickens me to see how ignorant some are and how arrogant they are with that ignorance. The arrogance of ignorance!
Many, if released, have the skills needed to survive and stay out. These are often people who assault, kill, etc. The passion and anger dissapate over time. The ones who irk me so much are the ones who only see themselves. They act regardless of the consequences to others. They are incapable of caring, compassion, love, kindness or anything except greed and selfgratification. They respect no one, and probably can not spell the word respect.
Educate the youth of the world. Let the old orgiastic ndividuals die off without influencing anyone. It would be a massive undertaking to educate all societies. Eugenic ideas are often appealing in ways, if only they wouldn`t destroy individualism, races, cultures, or the world.
Most societies have monotheistic beliefs thy just cannot agree on which one fits all.
Amating when you consider it. God or Allah, two for the same thing - a belief.
There is always some group, neo-nazis etc. who disrupt the harmony.
Here, on this Unit, there is religious tolerance, simply because one group doesn`t try to sway the other. I actually applaud the muslems here, the serious ones for they are knowledge seekers. The "christians" are so close minded that it is laughable.
In spite of my rantings, inpite of all the effort of those who seek change, we as humans will not change us as a whole. Greed, powerseekers, racial tension will undue us once more. Human nature deems many to failure. History edducates that over and
Is there hope for mankind? Will ther ever be true peace and harmony on earth? Not in our lifetime, not that of our children, but some day....

Montag, 9. November 2009

Please look on the website and choose some inmates to send a christmas would mean so much!! THANK YOU !!!

Freitag, 6. November 2009

Using the dictionairy :-)) by Harold

Finding myself bereft as though they have abnegated me completely, I find my state of ignoming esoteric at best.
What to do?
My chimerical whims, especially with you, bring succor to my austere extistence. By turning to the written word I am aable to emote that which lies within allowing palliation for my sorrow. Earlier while taking my sentimental journey through your chaste words of prose I now find them inculcated in my heart. Why am I here and not with you?
My opic behavior and my recusant frame of mind, addled by the chemical pollutants caused over sentience in my actions which brought about my bellicose behaviour over intentional slights against myself and child. Despite despotic claims, which lack sustenence, I froffer that I am just the opposite, although I do lack in suspiciousnedd. What I write may seem farcial in nature, even smarmy, it is neither, nor is it suggesting mirthlessness. It, this page, is an attempt at cogencyby hopefully, reguiring you to drag out your dictionary, as I did to discover what these various words define in thought and feeling.
These are but a few I write down during my literairy travels. Trying to use them, recalling their defination isn`t very easy without iculcating them daily.
Have fun, my love!! :-))

Harold Oct 24 2009

Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

THE LIGHT OF LOVE by Andy Sawtell


I love to watch the sunlight
as it shined throughout your hair
so shiny, long and lovely
that all other men just stare
I love to watch the sunlight
as it glistens on your lips
such tenderness and sweetness
no others can eclipse
I love to watch the sunlight
as it sparkles in your eyes
the windows to your heart and soul
show the love we can`t deny
I love to watch the sunlight
as it shows off all your curves
so beautiful your curves are
more than mortal man deserves
I love to watch the sunlight
as it kisses your sweet face
and as I watch my heart begins
to pound at a frantic pace
So you think I love the sunlight
well babe, that`s just the start
we`ve not yet covered how I feel
when the moonlight plays its part
fro now my love it`s time to go
so I`ll keep you in suspense
and when we finally get together
I`ll show you passion so immense
make love every single day
at least morning and night
if you want mmore, you`ll get it
sweet dreams my love, sleep tight

Andy Sawtell, Australia
31 Oct 2009

Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Free world really free? By H.Lee

......It makes me wonder what is happening to our society, what I observe in here reflects in many ways what is going on in the so-called free world. are they really free?
I think not. The demands of society tie people down to a slave like existence, wages for most seldom cover the costs of home bills, insurance, etc. I recall how I used to juggle bills around. They were always paid, just not when they should be. Working overtime and extra jobs kept me in money for pleasure, rented movies, pizza`s, etc. I miss all that.
In here it seems like our existence has no purpose.
We are the pawns in forced labor and power struggles. Actually most - not all - but most of us are eager and willing to work and work hard. It, the work, gives us purpose and selfimportance. It keeps us busy. In an enviroment where most don`t care about the eguipment.
Things get torn up, damaged, even destroyed. That is where our livelyhood comes from, repairing the damage others have wrought. Very few repairs are from wear, most are from neglect and abuse. Out there and in here. There weren`t many that respected the property of another. I use this in the employee - employer sense.
Where I used to work, like here, people will abuse an item saying "They have the money to buy another!" Here that is a foolish statement, because its our taxes that pay for it. Us, our family and friends help to finance these places.......

Thoughts from H.Lee Sept 22, 09

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009


A piece out of Harolds letter today,

Today I began making a papermach spider and roach. Using coffee to color it, paper, headphone wire and shoestrings with a bit of water I have created busg that at first glance, look realistic. It will take a couple of days to dry, plus I have a few little minor things to do, add string etc. When I`m finished the fun shall begin! In the past my bugs have created laughter - always at someones expense but always in fun. It is good to laugh in here. What is real fun to see is the tatooed, musclebound badasses, the tough guys jump and holler over a bug!!
My spiders will look like adult Taranalas when I`m finished. The Roach is about 3" long and about 1" wide in the middle.
The things I do to entertain myself...


I remember it well, as if it vere just over
Instead of years ago
Check the tank, oil
Dust the seat
Straddle it, grasping the handlebars
Left boot puts up the kickstand
Standing there for a moment, anticipation
Fingers on the choke
Right foot giving slow kicks
Crack the throttle, hard kicks
A pop, kick again
It fires sluggishly
Less choke more throttle
It rumbles to life
Left hand clutch in
Left foot pushes down, first gear
Crack the throttle a few times
Feel the vibrations
The beast is alive again
Sitting back feeling the power
Clutch out, throttle twisted
Feet up, it moves
With a roar it`s gone
Clutch in, second gear
Third gear, fourth gear
The beast is on the prowl
Blastin` down the road
Feeling the wind, feeling free


Today I received a letter from Craig where he asked me how my blog is..

"How are your blogs? I would like to be involved in it, but, have no idea on what to say?!"

Now I think I will ask him to write a bit about his study, that would be intresting cause it`s about a very urgent topic. Enviromental science is probably one of the most needed sciences in the future and as far as I`s quite a bit to learn.
The last essay he had to write was about "Flooding" which happens more every year, we all know that. So hopefully I will be able to put in something of his work soon...

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

TWO POEMS by Harold

So tired of living

Getting so tired of living

Yet that`s what I must do

Hard to take what life`s giving

I struggle to see this through

Each day is so different

Yet, each day remains the same

This is how I must repent

Part of an endless reality game

Enclosed by bars of steel

And walls like cliffs of stone

With no consideration of appeal

confined with many yet still alone

A world like no other

concealed from public view

To one another we claim brother

The truth of it speaks not but from a few

Made to work without a wage

No appreciation for my toil

doesn`t matter what the age

Rest will come when I`m in the soil

Till then I struggle to see this through

accepting what life is giving

It can be so very hard to do

When I get so tired of living.
*** *** *** ***


A sorceress you are with familiars three

Mystical Cat, Silent Bunny and Bushy Lady

Living in a cottage near the enchanted wood

Practicing magic wearing cloak and hood

What pray tell in your cauldron brew

A magic potion or delicious stew

Two young apprentices with you dwell

With visions of the world their heads do swell

Like witches of old you capture those astray

Enticing lost souls with words you play

Chants on paper, curious written rune

Evoking the power of sun and moon

Captured souls numbering now four

found in a magic box thru which you scour

Reaching round the world asunder

Four hearts begin beating like thunder

setting them free of that which does bind

Through understanding and compassion so kind

Lifting spirits higher than a cloud

You make one and all proud

Sorceress with familiars three

Having a friend like you is almost being free.

(Well, it`s close )

Proud to say that this second poem was written for me :-))

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009


As my Scottish friend isn`t quite such a poet and has no big drawing talents I just posted the flag of his nationality. Don`t want him to be forgotten just while he`s not an artist! :-))

Craig has become a very dear friend of mine over the past almost 3 years we know eachother now. He studies enviromental science in his time being in prison.

Freitag, 29. Mai 2009


Front page of the newspaper, mother of five is dead
A single sided artcle, designed to be read
To create all kinds of sympathy, just because she was a mother
If only all the facts they knew, design may have been another
One that tells the cold hard truth, of a lot of father`s pain
And the constant nightmare battles, when custody we try to gain
From lots of "so-called" mothers, who wouldn`t have a clue
On how to raise our children, or the damage that they do
The ones` who are deceitful, vindictive and so cruel
The ones`who often "cry wolf", when there`s no wolf to be seen
Except the wolf who`s crying, and her hunger is quite keen
Boys in blue upon our doorstep, when nothing we`ve done wrong
But with lies and accusations, she makes her case quite strong
Then all relative authorities, she also gets on side
Another swag of stories, with them she does confide
Doing all her homework, to ensure her lies are straight
She then sets up a court date, to ensure the fathers fate
We have no leg to stand on, she`s done her homework well
Crossed "T`s" and dotted"I`s" and such, lies to the courts she`ll sell
Before a foot`s stepped in the courtroom, out of our childrens lives
But she`s not done with yet - Oh no, she`s still sharpening her knives
Care not her childrens safety, nor even for their health
Sets out to drain the father, of all his hard earned wealth
His cash is not for the children, she`s out for her own gain
Brags to friends of her achievement, no care for his or childrens pain
No childrens rights to speak of, father`s pain is quite severe
He seeks nothing but the best for them, and longs again to have them near
Mother`s too pre-occupied, in all her new found glory
By now convinced herself she has, of her own lie filled story
Father now severely struggling, to keep his heart and mind in check
His concern for his dear children , turning him into a wreck
So now you can begin to see, just how bad it really gets
And just some reasons as to why, a father for his children frets
By no means can this be all of it, as there is often so much more
And if you learned the worst of it, by God - you`d hit the floor
some cases so unthinkable, you wouldn`t want to know it all
But children have endured it, and fathers been played like a fool
So mother goes on merrily, while the father suffers on
And let`s not forget te children, who`s decent futures all but gone
You want worst case scenarios, now don`t you be mis-lead
A fair number of these cases end, when somebody is dead!!!

Andy, Australia


There`s nothing as important as
Your family and friends
For it`s them who care about you
And on them you can depend
When you`re feeling down or times get tough
when things become uncertain
They`re always there to help you
Or support you when you`re hurtin`
It`s your family and friends
Who know the best how you work
And how you think and how you feel
And all your little quirks
It`s them who truly know you
And know what you are like
And others who profess to
Can get on their bloody bike
For they wouldn`t know the first thing
About what makes you tick
they rarely are around you
These people make me sick
Yes, it`s your family and friends
That you should value most
And your children, if you have any
To avoid seeming like a ghost
For now my friend, I`m almost done
But I`ll leave you with this thought
Beware those other people `cause
It`s you the`ll try to rort!!!

Andy, Australia


Although the quality isn`t that good you can see from the drawings how much he enjoys the letters he gets !!! Thats exactly why I`m or we`re doing this.
Sending some joy and sunshine and real life into the harsh life of prison.


So let me tell you about my penpals and I sure hope some of you who will read this will tell me about theirs; I am fortunate to have 3 very dear friends.
Harold lives in the U.S. , Craig in Scotland and last but not least Andy in Australia.

Each of them know from the other which makes us a funny kind of family, one is a bit jealous, the other sure and strong.
Hope you will tell me how you came to your penpals....that really would get this blog started...


There are a lot of organisations for prisoners, a lot of people who spend there time to find new penpals and who try to do their best on whatever legal work they can do for their friends.
Also they try to sell or get at least some intrest for the art, writings or poems of their friends.
I do to.
Anyway here I only give you two addresses of a Swiss and a German organisation.

Lifespark is a Swiss organisation which works for inmates on Death Row.
They meet every so often and have a newspaper sent to their members to inform everyone over new happenings and discuss their experiences with their penpals.
The picture above, the quilt, is the invention of one of the members of Lifespark, I also sewed the names of my friends on a piece of fabric although they aren`t on Death Row. I sewed them both on a white background.
Karl and H.Lee.
Justice for the innocent is a German organisation which actually works for inmates on Death Row and those who are livers. They really try to give every inmate a chance to sell and to publicate their work.
Both organisations have heaps of addresses of inmates who would love to write, just get in contact with them.
Ofcourse you could also scroll through the internet pages there are lots of sites for prison penpals


Okay everyone, with this I start a blog for my hobby!!
I love writing and I love to have contact with people all over the world. As a young girl I already started a lot of penpal-friendships of which two survived... well, more or less. After 30 years !! And for about 3 years ago I started to write to prisoners, in the U.S., Scotland & Australia. Those penpals became very strong friendships, based on trust; without prejudice and judging.
I know a lot of people don`t or won`t understand what I, and many others, are doing and why we are doing it.
I hope on this way, with this blog, we can talk about it. Exchange our experiences, our adventures and our feelings towards a dear friend behind bars

The black&white pic I set up on this page is a childhood memory from one of my friends. It reminds everyone of the strange ways of live and the choices we make.