Freitag, 29. Mai 2009


Front page of the newspaper, mother of five is dead
A single sided artcle, designed to be read
To create all kinds of sympathy, just because she was a mother
If only all the facts they knew, design may have been another
One that tells the cold hard truth, of a lot of father`s pain
And the constant nightmare battles, when custody we try to gain
From lots of "so-called" mothers, who wouldn`t have a clue
On how to raise our children, or the damage that they do
The ones` who are deceitful, vindictive and so cruel
The ones`who often "cry wolf", when there`s no wolf to be seen
Except the wolf who`s crying, and her hunger is quite keen
Boys in blue upon our doorstep, when nothing we`ve done wrong
But with lies and accusations, she makes her case quite strong
Then all relative authorities, she also gets on side
Another swag of stories, with them she does confide
Doing all her homework, to ensure her lies are straight
She then sets up a court date, to ensure the fathers fate
We have no leg to stand on, she`s done her homework well
Crossed "T`s" and dotted"I`s" and such, lies to the courts she`ll sell
Before a foot`s stepped in the courtroom, out of our childrens lives
But she`s not done with yet - Oh no, she`s still sharpening her knives
Care not her childrens safety, nor even for their health
Sets out to drain the father, of all his hard earned wealth
His cash is not for the children, she`s out for her own gain
Brags to friends of her achievement, no care for his or childrens pain
No childrens rights to speak of, father`s pain is quite severe
He seeks nothing but the best for them, and longs again to have them near
Mother`s too pre-occupied, in all her new found glory
By now convinced herself she has, of her own lie filled story
Father now severely struggling, to keep his heart and mind in check
His concern for his dear children , turning him into a wreck
So now you can begin to see, just how bad it really gets
And just some reasons as to why, a father for his children frets
By no means can this be all of it, as there is often so much more
And if you learned the worst of it, by God - you`d hit the floor
some cases so unthinkable, you wouldn`t want to know it all
But children have endured it, and fathers been played like a fool
So mother goes on merrily, while the father suffers on
And let`s not forget te children, who`s decent futures all but gone
You want worst case scenarios, now don`t you be mis-lead
A fair number of these cases end, when somebody is dead!!!

Andy, Australia


There`s nothing as important as
Your family and friends
For it`s them who care about you
And on them you can depend
When you`re feeling down or times get tough
when things become uncertain
They`re always there to help you
Or support you when you`re hurtin`
It`s your family and friends
Who know the best how you work
And how you think and how you feel
And all your little quirks
It`s them who truly know you
And know what you are like
And others who profess to
Can get on their bloody bike
For they wouldn`t know the first thing
About what makes you tick
they rarely are around you
These people make me sick
Yes, it`s your family and friends
That you should value most
And your children, if you have any
To avoid seeming like a ghost
For now my friend, I`m almost done
But I`ll leave you with this thought
Beware those other people `cause
It`s you the`ll try to rort!!!

Andy, Australia


Although the quality isn`t that good you can see from the drawings how much he enjoys the letters he gets !!! Thats exactly why I`m or we`re doing this.
Sending some joy and sunshine and real life into the harsh life of prison.


So let me tell you about my penpals and I sure hope some of you who will read this will tell me about theirs; I am fortunate to have 3 very dear friends.
Harold lives in the U.S. , Craig in Scotland and last but not least Andy in Australia.

Each of them know from the other which makes us a funny kind of family, one is a bit jealous, the other sure and strong.
Hope you will tell me how you came to your penpals....that really would get this blog started...


There are a lot of organisations for prisoners, a lot of people who spend there time to find new penpals and who try to do their best on whatever legal work they can do for their friends.
Also they try to sell or get at least some intrest for the art, writings or poems of their friends.
I do to.
Anyway here I only give you two addresses of a Swiss and a German organisation.

Lifespark is a Swiss organisation which works for inmates on Death Row.
They meet every so often and have a newspaper sent to their members to inform everyone over new happenings and discuss their experiences with their penpals.
The picture above, the quilt, is the invention of one of the members of Lifespark, I also sewed the names of my friends on a piece of fabric although they aren`t on Death Row. I sewed them both on a white background.
Karl and H.Lee.
Justice for the innocent is a German organisation which actually works for inmates on Death Row and those who are livers. They really try to give every inmate a chance to sell and to publicate their work.
Both organisations have heaps of addresses of inmates who would love to write, just get in contact with them.
Ofcourse you could also scroll through the internet pages there are lots of sites for prison penpals


Okay everyone, with this I start a blog for my hobby!!
I love writing and I love to have contact with people all over the world. As a young girl I already started a lot of penpal-friendships of which two survived... well, more or less. After 30 years !! And for about 3 years ago I started to write to prisoners, in the U.S., Scotland & Australia. Those penpals became very strong friendships, based on trust; without prejudice and judging.
I know a lot of people don`t or won`t understand what I, and many others, are doing and why we are doing it.
I hope on this way, with this blog, we can talk about it. Exchange our experiences, our adventures and our feelings towards a dear friend behind bars

The black&white pic I set up on this page is a childhood memory from one of my friends. It reminds everyone of the strange ways of live and the choices we make.