Freitag, 29. Mai 2009


There`s nothing as important as
Your family and friends
For it`s them who care about you
And on them you can depend
When you`re feeling down or times get tough
when things become uncertain
They`re always there to help you
Or support you when you`re hurtin`
It`s your family and friends
Who know the best how you work
And how you think and how you feel
And all your little quirks
It`s them who truly know you
And know what you are like
And others who profess to
Can get on their bloody bike
For they wouldn`t know the first thing
About what makes you tick
they rarely are around you
These people make me sick
Yes, it`s your family and friends
That you should value most
And your children, if you have any
To avoid seeming like a ghost
For now my friend, I`m almost done
But I`ll leave you with this thought
Beware those other people `cause
It`s you the`ll try to rort!!!

Andy, Australia

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