Freitag, 29. Mai 2009


There are a lot of organisations for prisoners, a lot of people who spend there time to find new penpals and who try to do their best on whatever legal work they can do for their friends.
Also they try to sell or get at least some intrest for the art, writings or poems of their friends.
I do to.
Anyway here I only give you two addresses of a Swiss and a German organisation.

Lifespark is a Swiss organisation which works for inmates on Death Row.
They meet every so often and have a newspaper sent to their members to inform everyone over new happenings and discuss their experiences with their penpals.
The picture above, the quilt, is the invention of one of the members of Lifespark, I also sewed the names of my friends on a piece of fabric although they aren`t on Death Row. I sewed them both on a white background.
Karl and H.Lee.
Justice for the innocent is a German organisation which actually works for inmates on Death Row and those who are livers. They really try to give every inmate a chance to sell and to publicate their work.
Both organisations have heaps of addresses of inmates who would love to write, just get in contact with them.
Ofcourse you could also scroll through the internet pages there are lots of sites for prison penpals

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