Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009


A piece out of Harolds letter today,

Today I began making a papermach spider and roach. Using coffee to color it, paper, headphone wire and shoestrings with a bit of water I have created busg that at first glance, look realistic. It will take a couple of days to dry, plus I have a few little minor things to do, add string etc. When I`m finished the fun shall begin! In the past my bugs have created laughter - always at someones expense but always in fun. It is good to laugh in here. What is real fun to see is the tatooed, musclebound badasses, the tough guys jump and holler over a bug!!
My spiders will look like adult Taranalas when I`m finished. The Roach is about 3" long and about 1" wide in the middle.
The things I do to entertain myself...

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