Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009


I remember it well, as if it vere just over
Instead of years ago
Check the tank, oil
Dust the seat
Straddle it, grasping the handlebars
Left boot puts up the kickstand
Standing there for a moment, anticipation
Fingers on the choke
Right foot giving slow kicks
Crack the throttle, hard kicks
A pop, kick again
It fires sluggishly
Less choke more throttle
It rumbles to life
Left hand clutch in
Left foot pushes down, first gear
Crack the throttle a few times
Feel the vibrations
The beast is alive again
Sitting back feeling the power
Clutch out, throttle twisted
Feet up, it moves
With a roar it`s gone
Clutch in, second gear
Third gear, fourth gear
The beast is on the prowl
Blastin` down the road
Feeling the wind, feeling free

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