Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Free world really free? By H.Lee

......It makes me wonder what is happening to our society, what I observe in here reflects in many ways what is going on in the so-called free world. are they really free?
I think not. The demands of society tie people down to a slave like existence, wages for most seldom cover the costs of home bills, insurance, etc. I recall how I used to juggle bills around. They were always paid, just not when they should be. Working overtime and extra jobs kept me in money for pleasure, rented movies, pizza`s, etc. I miss all that.
In here it seems like our existence has no purpose.
We are the pawns in forced labor and power struggles. Actually most - not all - but most of us are eager and willing to work and work hard. It, the work, gives us purpose and selfimportance. It keeps us busy. In an enviroment where most don`t care about the eguipment.
Things get torn up, damaged, even destroyed. That is where our livelyhood comes from, repairing the damage others have wrought. Very few repairs are from wear, most are from neglect and abuse. Out there and in here. There weren`t many that respected the property of another. I use this in the employee - employer sense.
Where I used to work, like here, people will abuse an item saying "They have the money to buy another!" Here that is a foolish statement, because its our taxes that pay for it. Us, our family and friends help to finance these places.......

Thoughts from H.Lee Sept 22, 09

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