Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

TWO POEMS by Harold

So tired of living

Getting so tired of living

Yet that`s what I must do

Hard to take what life`s giving

I struggle to see this through

Each day is so different

Yet, each day remains the same

This is how I must repent

Part of an endless reality game

Enclosed by bars of steel

And walls like cliffs of stone

With no consideration of appeal

confined with many yet still alone

A world like no other

concealed from public view

To one another we claim brother

The truth of it speaks not but from a few

Made to work without a wage

No appreciation for my toil

doesn`t matter what the age

Rest will come when I`m in the soil

Till then I struggle to see this through

accepting what life is giving

It can be so very hard to do

When I get so tired of living.
*** *** *** ***


A sorceress you are with familiars three

Mystical Cat, Silent Bunny and Bushy Lady

Living in a cottage near the enchanted wood

Practicing magic wearing cloak and hood

What pray tell in your cauldron brew

A magic potion or delicious stew

Two young apprentices with you dwell

With visions of the world their heads do swell

Like witches of old you capture those astray

Enticing lost souls with words you play

Chants on paper, curious written rune

Evoking the power of sun and moon

Captured souls numbering now four

found in a magic box thru which you scour

Reaching round the world asunder

Four hearts begin beating like thunder

setting them free of that which does bind

Through understanding and compassion so kind

Lifting spirits higher than a cloud

You make one and all proud

Sorceress with familiars three

Having a friend like you is almost being free.

(Well, it`s close )

Proud to say that this second poem was written for me :-))