Freitag, 6. November 2009

Using the dictionairy :-)) by Harold

Finding myself bereft as though they have abnegated me completely, I find my state of ignoming esoteric at best.
What to do?
My chimerical whims, especially with you, bring succor to my austere extistence. By turning to the written word I am aable to emote that which lies within allowing palliation for my sorrow. Earlier while taking my sentimental journey through your chaste words of prose I now find them inculcated in my heart. Why am I here and not with you?
My opic behavior and my recusant frame of mind, addled by the chemical pollutants caused over sentience in my actions which brought about my bellicose behaviour over intentional slights against myself and child. Despite despotic claims, which lack sustenence, I froffer that I am just the opposite, although I do lack in suspiciousnedd. What I write may seem farcial in nature, even smarmy, it is neither, nor is it suggesting mirthlessness. It, this page, is an attempt at cogencyby hopefully, reguiring you to drag out your dictionary, as I did to discover what these various words define in thought and feeling.
These are but a few I write down during my literairy travels. Trying to use them, recalling their defination isn`t very easy without iculcating them daily.
Have fun, my love!! :-))

Harold Oct 24 2009