Freitag, 12. November 2010

Interview with Tion Terrell

THis is an excellent interview with Tion Terrell, an ex-inmate, spent time in prison for 10 years...please listen!!!

Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Ten things most missed about the free world -- by Ralph Stokes

1. Freedom being able to go and do whatever you wanted.

2. My family; father, mother, brothers, and sister, who is the youngest of all children. Just being around them daily and all the small things we think that`s not important. Me being the oldest of them and feeling it was my responsibility to look over them.

3. My mother and her cooking, who knew exactly how to cook everything just the way I like it to the point where if I was eating someone else`s cooking, if it wasn`t cooked the way my mother cooked, then it was cooked wrong.

4. Giving my Grandmother a surprise visit and remembering just as I turn the corner to her block that she lived on, I could see her before she saw me, sitting on her inside porch looking out in the evening as the sun was going down and remembering as I was getting closer to her house, wondering what was had cooked for dinner.

5. family get-together`s and cookouts getting together with family members you may not have seen all year long and some even longer, and those you may not see again until the next family get-together or cookout.

6. coming out of my house and standing on my front steps and looking both ways, up and down the block, and seeing all the children busy in their playing with each other and not a worry in the world.

7. My baby Sister who at the time I was arrested was about 1,5 year old, who is now around 30 years old, and missing out on this time to be there for her like a big brother should. Also my youngest brother who at the time of my arrest was only 10 years old, who I felt that me and him was the closest of my brothers.
He also was murdered in the year 2000 on my birthday February 8th.

8. Whenever I had a problem or something on my mind and just needed to get away for a couple of hours to be by myself. I would take long walks, sometimes to the park, and take my dog Brutus with me, and before I knew it, whatever problems that I had on my mind were gone.

9. At least one or two Saturdays every month my mother and aunt would get together early in the morning to go shopping, which would take them all day long to do, and how they would make me and my cousin go with them to carry the bags, and remembering how me and my cousin never wanted to go with them, but they made us go anyway. Also remembering at times how we used to try and hide somewhere, but how they used to always find us.

10. Walking up every day and not thinking or worrying about death row and whether or not I`ll ever get off death row.

Ralph, Oct 4. 2010

Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010


I am charged with murder. First degree was brought up but never placed on paper.
Am I guilty? Yes, I am.
Would I do it again? Given the same situation? Hmm, never will we know, will we?
I want to say "yes", but I also want to say "no".
Do I regret what I did? No, I do not.
I do regret the pain and sufferingmy deed cause so many.
The victims family, my own family, especially my daughter, for the latter I will never forgive myself. Never.
You may think I`m harsh or worse. You may wonder why. It`s sîmple really, a trust was broken, a childs world was defiled by greed, a friendship was betrayed. Forgiveness was present for awhile but the victim ( me or her?) refused to admit and continued to deny what was done. It went too far. I ended it in rage.
Now I have a lifetime to think about it all, yet I do not regret what I did. In ending that persons life, I put a stop to a future of betrayal, deceit and theft from that person against my family and friends.
I think not.
When a person loses all in their checking account,savings, their credit is ruined, and regular bills are still due, all because of a so called friends betrayal, well it just needs to stop.
The police are powerless to act without solid proof. In my case justice was sewed, swift and sure.
I think it`s fritting that that same justice also caught me for my crime.
Now only one record on file, a memory and a tombstone remain.
Life goes on such as it is.

H.Lee Sept.30.2010

A moment of doubt

I once tried to say I didn`t love you...
Well, it seems that it was a lie
Then I wanted to hate you
I failed again, oh my
I guess I wanted to test myself
To see if it was really true
There is nothing I`d rather be
Than in love with you
So it seems I was a liar
And a failure too
When I tried to test myself
Love came shining through
It all happened some time ago
A moment of doubt gone away
Now I shout to the world
I`ll love you forever and a day.

H.Lee Sept 30.2010

Dienstag, 28. September 2010

A new friend?

Thanks is not enough.
Your lovely letter, your kind words, Your offering of support.
And even more importantly your offering of friendship.
Truly words cannot fully express ny appreciation and just how
honored you have made me feel.
This card is just a small token of my appreciation. So truly from my heart
Thanks for everything. And hopefully,
just maybe,
this will be the start of a new and big term friendship
between us.

Take care,

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Samstag, 7. August 2010

Ambitions -- Chris Corbin

Ambitions swell my heart,
With no truthful place to explore,
Sun consumed by the dark…
Left abandoned by tides ashore.

Wit now truthful place to explore,
Sand flattens foam standing still,
Left abandoned by tides ashore
Waves withdraw feeling with its thrill.

Sand flattens foam standing still,
One by one, bubbles burst,
Waves withdraw fleeing with its thrill,
Why does hope hang uw with its curse?

One by one, bubbles burst,
Pressed by breezes wanting to know
Why does hope hang us with its curse?
Addicted to the rush of fantasy`s flow

Pressed by breezes wanting to know
Of the recipe stirring inside you
Addicted to the rush of fantasy`s flow
Camouflaged by the problems that divide you.

Of the recipe stirring inside of you,
Constantly thinking getting no stronger
Camouflaged by the problems that divide you,
Going on, when going is, no longer…

Constantly thinking getting no stronger,
Burrowing through life still behind on breath,
Going on, when going is, no longer…
Like a heartbeat itself to death.

Burrowing through life still behind on breath,
Questions come knocking on double locked doors,
Like a geartbeat beating itself to death,
Wanting one more chance, but answers ignored.

Questions come knocking on double locked doors,
Sun consumed by the dark,
Wanting one more chance but answers ignored,
Ambitions swell my heart.

Christopher Corbin
July 30
Connelly Unit, Kenedy

Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Kamikaze, come fly

CHRISTOPHER: I wrote this after the 2nd convict hung himself here on my pod in a month March-April 2010.
--I thought the daily cocktails were so suppose to help them cope with that anxiety`s..not coax them into freeing themselves from them...
--It`s clear what the penitentiary is for, store and not restore,...on must do this himself...
--Rehabilitation`s a joke, cause who`s to say you were "-habilitated" in the first place, to be "re-" anything...


With right constantly upon me,
and days deigning no rays,
just say how shall I see,
if my scars did not guide the way...

My sky is overcast with pain
like skid marks in soiled draws, I`m stained,
soul and spirit attempt divide,
at war...where wind and wing collide
didn`t get the note I needed
though the days still come unheeded,
encouraged by an urge within,
to hide my hurt and not give in,
uncertain if the curtain is closed,
where the way is lost no one knows...


Searching past the vastest questions,
where from the blackness came a blessing,
addressed from where dilemmas stem,
always will life be filled with them,
lowered by the lingering things,
pacing as the pendulum swings
sneaking between my heart and mind
side by side yet too blind to find
the hostage on the horizon
a paralyzed sun tired of rising


Kamikaze com fly
let gravity deny
the weight of my sorrow
repressing tomorrow...
trying to mold my hopes,
against itself like ropes,
leaving my regret,
suspended in a twist...
with blemish blent to bliss

Montag, 12. April 2010

Questions from Christian..

Questions from Christian....

I wish I could take classes to further educate myself. Think about this: Why can an inmate serving a life sentence who will never get out be able to take classes in school but not Death Row? If neither is to get out then whats the difference?
This place wants to just put us in a cage and forget about us. I think of stuff like this.
Do you think thats weird?

--------Letter from April 1, 2010...Christian (21) is only but a year now on Death Row and still needs to get adjusted somehow...

Samstag, 3. April 2010

Better man....

It`s cold..and it`s dark and I`m all alone
stuck in this insanity so far from home
but I still stand,
and when I emerge
I`ll be a better man
Tear-stained letters is what I been receiving
I told her I`ve changed
but she don`t believe me
if only she knew...
How low I feel for the pain I`ve put the world through
confined to a box 24/7
I stopped praying long ago for there`s no proof of heaven
She say that "I`m crazy"
She say "talk to Him, He`ll make it gravy..."
She say "with Him all things is possible baley"
me...I just don`t believe it ---
You wouldn`t either if you see what they be feeding
You wouldn`t either if you were to see how they fuck us over and be cheating
You wouldn`t either if you woke up to hear them screaming....
There`s no politially motivated religion that can help me through what I`m living
just inner peace and the soul of a warrior that I`ve been given,
I am what I am,...a man rooted in reality
A man with both arms tied behind his back due to the creation of captivity,
but I still stand,
and when I emerge,
I`ll be a better man...

By: Tito T. Bolden
#1258742 @ Cy
899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX 78119

Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

your absence

In your absence, I feel your presence
from the warmth you bring to my heart
Thoughts of you always on my mind
soulmates are never really ever apart
so though you are absent in my life
As I am in yours each day
we are bound together, each to the other
Present in our hearts, in our special way...

H.Lee march,11 - 2010

Samstag, 13. März 2010

The days - by Chris

The days come to me as breath to my lungs,
seeking rfuge, though refusing to stay...
a midnight lover brushing my body,
as dark clouds would passing a lonely moon,
screening paryers as secretaries would -
still the days come to me unappointed,
annointing me with its weight and pressure,
wach gesturing to be the one for me,
but I see pass their lust to own my soul...
Still do the days come, dressed by tempting suns,
a dime a dozen seeking a husband
in me, though my souldmate has been declared.
For her shall I wait to recieve true love,
refusing the moment, with no omens
open romances or second chances -
should I fail my maiden of circumstance...
if only...
her sisters wouldn`t crowd and overwhelm,
with their promises of second-hand love...
wandering in wonder of her ideal,
stolen sessions with her sweet secretions,
smilingin relief from the grief I feel...
prayers of freedom breathe a priceless breeze,
dates of unstressed doubt - no soul - selling fee...
tempting me and delivering distress,
dressed up dreams with beams of blinding sunlight,
caught in the glare bare with time ticking out
if only loneliness beat its own drum...
I`d sip the serenade as the days come.


No one hears the cries -- Chris

No one hears the cries,
crawling like dark skies
through purples and blues,
and hating to choose...
thru dilemmas unfamilier to me,
mashing memories, nothing left to see
the replicas of men so far removed...
numb - bitten by frost of justice`s cool
soothe solely, by the souls ugly truth
manchild recruits, forever lost youth,
taunted by pride and replicated hate,
echoes crescendo and never abate...
The nightline battles, rattle my mind,
shackled by misfortune, preventing the climb.
Sniffles...muffled as footfalls retreat,
sunrise reflect, where morning dew sleeps
laying denied, hogtied in the dark
with all that`s part shark and a bit too sharp,
for ears...cause it`s clear my answers are here,
where echoes return, when -
no one hears the cries,
captured by nets inhibiting their rise
facing a fear, so clear to my ear
the years disappear, yet -
no one hears the cries,
crawling like dark skies,
pass purples and blues
and scars I can`t lose...


Donnerstag, 11. März 2010


My friend Harold with his kids...January 2010

A Poem? by Harold

You walk a new path in your life
A path upon which you follow
in the footsteps of those who have gone ahead
How far will you go?
Where will it take you?
How long will this journey last?
Like you,
I feel the excitement of your adventure
for you see,
I walk with you in your shadow
Like our friendship, our love
may our journey last a lifetime

HL March 1, 2010