Samstag, 13. März 2010

The days - by Chris

The days come to me as breath to my lungs,
seeking rfuge, though refusing to stay...
a midnight lover brushing my body,
as dark clouds would passing a lonely moon,
screening paryers as secretaries would -
still the days come to me unappointed,
annointing me with its weight and pressure,
wach gesturing to be the one for me,
but I see pass their lust to own my soul...
Still do the days come, dressed by tempting suns,
a dime a dozen seeking a husband
in me, though my souldmate has been declared.
For her shall I wait to recieve true love,
refusing the moment, with no omens
open romances or second chances -
should I fail my maiden of circumstance...
if only...
her sisters wouldn`t crowd and overwhelm,
with their promises of second-hand love...
wandering in wonder of her ideal,
stolen sessions with her sweet secretions,
smilingin relief from the grief I feel...
prayers of freedom breathe a priceless breeze,
dates of unstressed doubt - no soul - selling fee...
tempting me and delivering distress,
dressed up dreams with beams of blinding sunlight,
caught in the glare bare with time ticking out
if only loneliness beat its own drum...
I`d sip the serenade as the days come.


No one hears the cries -- Chris

No one hears the cries,
crawling like dark skies
through purples and blues,
and hating to choose...
thru dilemmas unfamilier to me,
mashing memories, nothing left to see
the replicas of men so far removed...
numb - bitten by frost of justice`s cool
soothe solely, by the souls ugly truth
manchild recruits, forever lost youth,
taunted by pride and replicated hate,
echoes crescendo and never abate...
The nightline battles, rattle my mind,
shackled by misfortune, preventing the climb.
Sniffles...muffled as footfalls retreat,
sunrise reflect, where morning dew sleeps
laying denied, hogtied in the dark
with all that`s part shark and a bit too sharp,
for ears...cause it`s clear my answers are here,
where echoes return, when -
no one hears the cries,
captured by nets inhibiting their rise
facing a fear, so clear to my ear
the years disappear, yet -
no one hears the cries,
crawling like dark skies,
pass purples and blues
and scars I can`t lose...


Donnerstag, 11. März 2010


My friend Harold with his kids...January 2010

A Poem? by Harold

You walk a new path in your life
A path upon which you follow
in the footsteps of those who have gone ahead
How far will you go?
Where will it take you?
How long will this journey last?
Like you,
I feel the excitement of your adventure
for you see,
I walk with you in your shadow
Like our friendship, our love
may our journey last a lifetime

HL March 1, 2010