Samstag, 3. April 2010

Better man....

It`s cold..and it`s dark and I`m all alone
stuck in this insanity so far from home
but I still stand,
and when I emerge
I`ll be a better man
Tear-stained letters is what I been receiving
I told her I`ve changed
but she don`t believe me
if only she knew...
How low I feel for the pain I`ve put the world through
confined to a box 24/7
I stopped praying long ago for there`s no proof of heaven
She say that "I`m crazy"
She say "talk to Him, He`ll make it gravy..."
She say "with Him all things is possible baley"
me...I just don`t believe it ---
You wouldn`t either if you see what they be feeding
You wouldn`t either if you were to see how they fuck us over and be cheating
You wouldn`t either if you woke up to hear them screaming....
There`s no politially motivated religion that can help me through what I`m living
just inner peace and the soul of a warrior that I`ve been given,
I am what I am,...a man rooted in reality
A man with both arms tied behind his back due to the creation of captivity,
but I still stand,
and when I emerge,
I`ll be a better man...

By: Tito T. Bolden
#1258742 @ Cy
899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX 78119

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