Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Looking for a penpal in Europe!

Danny is looking for a penpal, someone who will keep him company by letters...
He is a musician, a singer and has been an entertainer for quite a few years .
He is 49.
And would like to write to men or women...

Currently incarcerated at the Powledge Unit in Palestine, TX

Thanks ....he really would love to receive your letter!!

Daniel Wells
# 1486903
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
Palestine, TX 75803

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Penpal for Jack

Posting  this for Jack Friend, who would like to have a penpal:

POEM - For The Sake of Love
For the sake of love you can help me, for I am so lost and all alone without someone to be in love with and in love with the idea of being in love!
I once was in love, and I once was in love with the idea of being in love, but . . .
I was young and dumb and did not know if I was in love, or if I was just in love with the idea of being in love. The answer was painfully learned over the passage of time to be that if I was in love then I must have also been in love with the idea of being in love. For is not being in love with the idea of being in love a part of being in love? It matters not now that I did not know then. If I was in love? Or in love with the idea of being in love? For both the love from before and the love of the idea of being in love are long since gone along with the one that I was in love with, and in love with the idea of being in love with.
For the sake of love can you help me? For since they have left me so all alone and loveless for so long with only the sorrowful memories of being in love, and being in love with the idea of being in love . . .
I am constantly wondering from day to day and throughout the lonely nights . . .
If everyone else can find someone else to be in love with, and in love with the idea of being in love with . . .
Will I ever be in love with someone else again? And will I ever become in love with the idea of being in love with someone else again?
For the sake of Love can you help me, to find someone else to be in love with, and in love with the idea of being in love with, who will be in love with me, and in love with the idea of being in love with me?
For the sake of love can you help me, for I am so lost and all alone without someone to be in love with , and in love with the idea of being in love with!
For the Sake of Love Can You Help Me?
I have invested every dime I had in internet ads, as I would like to have a penpal.
Haven`t gotten many responces yet but hope to find someone to visit me. Maybe even a grilfriend who knows?
I mainly want to find friends though....
Jack W. Friend #H-39500
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974-0002

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

Just a quote....

 "Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy."

- Dean Koontz

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

I am not the man....


Events of the Italian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

The Italian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NPO) was founded in Naples in 1997.

Our vision : A world where human rights and needs are respected.

Our mission: To educate and raise public awareness of respect of all human beings.

Our motto : Together We Will Win!

The association's goal is to provide news and information to the Italian and International community on human rights, legal and social issues and primarily on the use of capital punishment worldwide. Its founders have proper educational backgrounds and expertise and have been dedicating their time and efforts to the cause for many years.

We pay particular attention to the situation in the United States of America, being the only Western democracy that still applies the death penalty as a means of punishment.

Our opposition to the death penalty is unconditional, as we are convinced that the respect of human rights be an unquestionable top priority and that justice cannot be pursued by taking revenge, but by conducting the forces operating in society in a just and well-balanced way.

Each community must be in a position to assure its members certainty of punishment and above all equitable and rightful legal proceedings, but it also has to enable offenders to rehabilitate themselves – whenever possible – thus balancing the legitimate need for justice for the families of the victims of violent crime, and the respect of the very same values which demand an act of justice. The imposition of the death penalty negates modern concepts of penology which are based on the theory that rehabilitation of the individual criminal is possible.

We are in direct contact with several men and women sitting on death in the USA as well as in other countries.

Our educational activities are being held mainly in schools and universities, religious and lay associations, and within groups / organizations that work in defense of human rights. As our target audience is mainly composed of young people, we mostly use the Internet as a way of communication.

In Italy we work with the Sant’Egidio Community, Hands Off Cain, Amnesty International, as well as any other groups, associations and individuals who share our same principles and goals. We are founding members of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty through which we help develop protest campaigns at an International level.

We provide news through our mailing list which is updated on a daily basis; Furthermore a great deal of useful information, bibliography and filmography on such topics as well as rules and advice on how to correspond with a death row prisoner can be found in our web-site.

The Coalition members, besides being all volunteers full of goodwill, are bound by a strong friendship and respect. We believe that there is strength in numbers and that working together is the winning strategy thanks to which we shall reach the final goal, that is the abolition of the death penalty and the respect for the rule of law worldwide.

Coalition website:

Upcoming events:

World Day Against the Death Penalty 2011

Piacenza (9th October): Conference/Debate on capital punishment organized by Amnesty International Italia - Gruppo Giovani Piacenza in cooperation with Spazio2

Expert speaker: Arianna Ballotta, President of the Italian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Cities for Life 2011

Naples (30th November): Conference on capital punishment organized by the Italian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty in cooperation with the Community of Sant'Egidio and the association Sacco & Vanzetti

Speakers (among others):

- Michela Mancini and Arianna Ballotta, respectively Vice-President and President of the Italian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

- Hon. Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of Naples

- Hon. Antonio di Pietro,former anti-corruption magistrate and leader of the opposition Italy of Values party

- Fernanda Sacco and Matteo Marolla, respectively Honorary President and President of the association Sacco & Vanzetti

- Mario Marazziti of the Community of Sant'Egidio

-David Atwood founder of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Why hypocrite? ... by Mitchell Mavoides

"Hypocrisy - n. behavior in which a person pretends to have higher standards than is the case. Origin Greek " hupokrisis", " acting of a theatrical part." ( Source: Oxford Dictionary of Current English fourth ed.)

That is what hypocrisy is, when we act like we hold to an ethic we really don`t practice. How often do we see it in here?
How about when we see a bully on the wing take something from a little guy and gloat about it?
Then he gets shaken down by the officers and cries to high heaven about the injustice of them taking something he wasn`t even supposed to have. He wants his rights to private property respected, but he doesn`t respect that with others` valuables. Why?

The hypocrisy we have all seen in here like that - about rights - has gotten on all our nerves at least once or twice. Let me put emphasis on us in white for a moment, because how we acted is how we got here. To make it simple, when you violate others` rights, you forfeit your own. That`s why we`re in prison - we`ve all done this to some degree. Many of us still don`t get it.
Why are these rights to be respected?

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
We have all heard of these rights. Why do we have them?
Most prisoners - myself included for a while - really don`t know. As I`ve found out, they are necessary for people to live and thrive in a fee society. Prison culture has predictably and ignorantly reversed them.

Life is the essential right. Human life is of irreplaceable value, each one percious and unique. But in the prison culture, many think a human`s life is worthless and have the skulls, demons and degraded imagery tattooed on them to prove it. " A dozen livers for a dime." is the view.
Liberty is the freedom to say what you will ( as long as you aren`t threatening others) and think what you want. These two freedoms lead to critical analyses, discussions and innovations. They make life better by making it more open to reason. But in prison, certain tyrannical inmates want to silence others if the person says something the other doesn`t like. He displays his wounded pride and in the name of respect, he is ready to fight`.
Can`t he use words to deal with it like a rational person?

The pursuit of happiness, as I understand it, is the right to follow the work you enjoy, to earn the values you need to live and to achieve happiness by reaching your goals. But inside these walls, some think being a "jacker" is a legitimate job. Let`s be real; being a robber isn`t a real job. If you think it is, then your rights will continue to be taken away.
If we can think, use our hands and produce goods, then why do we have a robber attitude when it comes to other people`s things - things others have worked hard for?

I know rights are limited these days - especially in prison. We need to understand that these rights stem from aspects of human nature; from man as a thinking, feeling, productive human being. The founding fathers of our country thought them so obvious that they called them "self-evident" in the Declaration of Independence.

We need to stop being hypocrites and respect the rights of other people. Forget the prison culture because, if we don`t we will continue to sabotage ourselves. We need to flush the " survival of the fittest" mentality, and then maybe we won`t come back.
We aren`t living in the Old West anymore, despite ow much I`ve heard about the desire to return to it.
We don`t live in a society of men forming gangs for mutual protection, of lynch-mob justice or six-gun showdowns in the street at high noon.
We live in a society of individual rights and freedoms that deserve to be respected.
Fact-based courts should pass judgement and settle disputes instead of fists and gun muzzles.

Let`s face reality: we must respect each other`s rights.
Regardless of whether it is a big, strong warrior, a physically weak guy, a woman or a child, we all have the right to live free. If you can`t agree with that, for whatever reason, you`ll hear the iron doors slam.
Don`t ask yourself, "Why?" because you know why...

Mitchel Mavoides, Robertson Unit,
The Echo Prison Newspaper...September 2011

Another Samantha McCallister

Another day...

Shackles around my feet

Even a convict can`t take this much heat

Grey and white is all I see

In this 6x9, I begin to discover me

Was once lost in a dark world,
drowning the pain.

Reality, grabbing me by the throat.
Screaming: are you insane?

We all have a story that eventually unfolds.

Fighting with demons, for the souls we have sold.

Sleep with one eye open,

Barely sleep at all.

Pick up the phone,
but who will ever accept your call?

Ones who stood behind you,
have slowly faded away.

So much time to think

but so little left to say.

Few know their out dates,
for when they will leave.

Others have their faith,
in God to believe.

Spiritually inclined,
but seeking the light.

Struggling with darkness,
putting up a fight.

Doors slam, lights dimm.

Awaiting another day, to pay for our sins.

Samantha McCallister
Woodman Unit, Texas

What are we? Steven " Dutch" Waller

What are we?

What is it that shapes a man`s life? Is it heredity? Is it his environment? Or is it some unknown element produced by a certain time or place and conditions that will shape a man to meet it?
A change in a man is never so evident to himself, but ofcourse we experience new things daily. Even as a man will shape somethings with his hands, he`s also shapeing himself.
A man has in himself a material that can be shaped into anything he wishes to be. The problem of this is that the shaping never ceases, and sometimes we get carried away and go too far in one direction before we realize it was the wrong direction.

We start out in life with the best of intentions, but the best intentions in the world get a man nowhere unless he knows how to get results and can enlist the cooperation of others.
Cooperation means that we must compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. In fact, it`s the cornerstone of civilization, just as politics is the art of making civilization work.
Those men who are not willing to compromise are unwise and are left standing alone with their own principles and values. Meanwhile, other men adjust their differences and move on.

Soetimes we, as men, have dreams and expectations. We ourselves are not ready for those dreams, and we must grow to meet them. What we want out of the world, we feel ourselves able to get.

The problem is shaping the raw material that is within ourselves; shaping our strengths, our weaknesses and our way of thinking into the final product we can all respect.

Steven "Dutch" Waller, Bodge Unit, Texas

Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Words from Harold,

For a man in prison, friends and family tend to fade away, thoughts of those we knew or loved often drive a man to depression. To overcome this, many will bitch, gripe and complain about anything and everything. Why?
Its away to push our former lives, and loved ones, out of our minds, easing the pain of our loneliness and what we are missing?
To some affected thusly, normal conversation is a constant state of agony over whatever they perceive as wrong, whether it is or not....

letter from Sept, 19 - 2011

Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

its been so long

Its been so long since I have shared with you poems and writings on this blog...
soon I will be updating again..

thanks for your patience


Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

When I die

When I die, passing from this life to whatever lies beyond. My body will turn to ash in the fires of a crematorium. Those ashes will fill a box, probably of a paper construction, such as cardboard, but what then?

Aside from someone, or no one, claiming that box, and its contents, what will happen to me, or rather the memory thereof?

Will time itself have already faded thoughts of my existence from the minds of those who once knew me, or of me? Will I be remembered, other than on official documents, themselves forgotten in some obscure file tucked away in a dark dungeon of a building, or no longer used computer system, both being considered out of date and obsolete. If anyone should recall thoughts of me, what would those thoughts be? The good I have accomplished, such as written words or artful endeavours? Possibly the bad I have caused, like the pain and anguish I was once responsible for. Perhaps the joy I once brought or the smiles formed by my presence?

Would anyone of my former lovers recall the passion of our being together, however brief? A person lives on, only so long as they are remembered. Once thoughts pass from the mind of the last living person who knew of me, I will surely fade quickly from having ever existed. If my ashes survive, not being scattered or flushed away, and one who knows not what they are, discovers them, will they be treated reverently, as coming from a former human being, or will they be considered as just an accumulation of the past to be discarded? If in some distant future, a person should come across my name, after having discovered and curiously investigated whatever contained it, would they sit back and wonder, who was he?

Will they, or, will they let their eyes pass over the printed name considering them, those characters on paper, merely just letters amongst others on the page?
Will it really matter, once I am no longer living, whether I am remembered or not?

Does it matter now, even though I have life coursing through my veins?

I think, yes, to a few, but not to the rest, including even many who knew me as a living, breathing person. Once a person is removed from the life, the existence shared with others, that person is soon forgotten, as I will be, as I already am, though I still live.

Death is not to be feared. Death brings an end to life, good or bad, as we know it, yet it is also a gateway to whatever may exist, if it indeed does, beyond that threshold death presents, when I die.

Harold, February 18, 2011

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

A verse

Too stoned to remember
too high to forget
I`ve known you girl
Since the day we met
`Far as I can tell
There`s nothing to regret
I`m not one to complain
You ain`t one to fret
We just keep on keepin` on
Together we`re a safe bet
Couple more tokes
Will be set
Gettin` high to remember
what I`m trying to forget....

H. Lee, Feb.2, 2011

Growin` old...

Listenin` to the music
That classic rock`n`roll
Been rockin` my socks off
Till I realized
My feet were cold
Used to dance to the music
Shake, rattle n` roll
When I threw out my back
I finally realized
It hurts gettin` old
Drinkin` and drugs
Partyin` all the time
Bottles lined up on the table
Then I realized
It`s medication they now hold
Ah,the memories
Livin` it all again in dreams
Days of glory fade away
When you realize
It`s sad growin` old
I`m still rockin`
Only now it`s in a chair
Still listenin` to loud music
But only cuz I can`t hear
Just thinkin` about it I have to smile
Cuz I realized
I`ve had fun, growin` old

H. Lee -- Jan. 31, 2011

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Taken 4 granted

taken for granted

How often do we go through the day at a hundred miles an hour? We wake up, get ready for work or school, don`t stop, don`t slow down because we don`t want to be late.
You may even skip lunchbreak due to excessive work given to you by your boss. You work, and work hard all day long.
Once finally off work you come home eat dinner, maybe watch TV and then go to bed - only to get up the next day to do it all over again.
During this robotic-like routine what are we missing?
The sunrise. The newly bloomed flowers in the garden, the cool autumn breeze against your face, or maybe just sitting down for a few minutes to have a cup of coffee and read the paper. On even just putting the dishes away from the night before or folding warm, fresh laundry.
Things we may do without a moments thought.
What if it is all pulled out from under you and never allowed the most simpliest of choices?
Would you be happy?
Relieved of the hassel?
I guess you can never truly be able to comprehend untill its all gone from you...
What about a pillow? How often do you think about your pillow on your bed? Could you sleep without one? I mean why would we on normal circumstances even think about it?
Again, untill you don`t have one do you truly understand the neccesity it is to sleep with a pillow.
Or how about a shower...
What if you were only allowed to shower on certain days or at certain times, could you do it?
Do you ever think about not being able to take a shower?
Of course not, why would you?

All these things or tasks we think little or nothing about on a normal, regular basis. Yet its all yout thnk about when you have nothing.
I never liked going to work, doing the dishes or laundry, and never seemed to slow down to "stop and smell the roses"., but now that I can`t, I wish I could!
The saying: " You never know what you got till its gone" seems to come to mind.
WHat does it all mean for you when it all comes down to it? Life will sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. There will be ups and downs.
Sometimes the days will go slow or speed by. But NEVER take anything for granted!

Christian Olsen