Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Taken 4 granted

taken for granted

How often do we go through the day at a hundred miles an hour? We wake up, get ready for work or school, don`t stop, don`t slow down because we don`t want to be late.
You may even skip lunchbreak due to excessive work given to you by your boss. You work, and work hard all day long.
Once finally off work you come home eat dinner, maybe watch TV and then go to bed - only to get up the next day to do it all over again.
During this robotic-like routine what are we missing?
The sunrise. The newly bloomed flowers in the garden, the cool autumn breeze against your face, or maybe just sitting down for a few minutes to have a cup of coffee and read the paper. On even just putting the dishes away from the night before or folding warm, fresh laundry.
Things we may do without a moments thought.
What if it is all pulled out from under you and never allowed the most simpliest of choices?
Would you be happy?
Relieved of the hassel?
I guess you can never truly be able to comprehend untill its all gone from you...
What about a pillow? How often do you think about your pillow on your bed? Could you sleep without one? I mean why would we on normal circumstances even think about it?
Again, untill you don`t have one do you truly understand the neccesity it is to sleep with a pillow.
Or how about a shower...
What if you were only allowed to shower on certain days or at certain times, could you do it?
Do you ever think about not being able to take a shower?
Of course not, why would you?

All these things or tasks we think little or nothing about on a normal, regular basis. Yet its all yout thnk about when you have nothing.
I never liked going to work, doing the dishes or laundry, and never seemed to slow down to "stop and smell the roses"., but now that I can`t, I wish I could!
The saying: " You never know what you got till its gone" seems to come to mind.
WHat does it all mean for you when it all comes down to it? Life will sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. There will be ups and downs.
Sometimes the days will go slow or speed by. But NEVER take anything for granted!

Christian Olsen