Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Another Samantha McCallister

Another day...

Shackles around my feet

Even a convict can`t take this much heat

Grey and white is all I see

In this 6x9, I begin to discover me

Was once lost in a dark world,
drowning the pain.

Reality, grabbing me by the throat.
Screaming: are you insane?

We all have a story that eventually unfolds.

Fighting with demons, for the souls we have sold.

Sleep with one eye open,

Barely sleep at all.

Pick up the phone,
but who will ever accept your call?

Ones who stood behind you,
have slowly faded away.

So much time to think

but so little left to say.

Few know their out dates,
for when they will leave.

Others have their faith,
in God to believe.

Spiritually inclined,
but seeking the light.

Struggling with darkness,
putting up a fight.

Doors slam, lights dimm.

Awaiting another day, to pay for our sins.

Samantha McCallister
Woodman Unit, Texas

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