Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

A verse

Too stoned to remember
too high to forget
I`ve known you girl
Since the day we met
`Far as I can tell
There`s nothing to regret
I`m not one to complain
You ain`t one to fret
We just keep on keepin` on
Together we`re a safe bet
Couple more tokes
Will be set
Gettin` high to remember
what I`m trying to forget....

H. Lee, Feb.2, 2011

Growin` old...

Listenin` to the music
That classic rock`n`roll
Been rockin` my socks off
Till I realized
My feet were cold
Used to dance to the music
Shake, rattle n` roll
When I threw out my back
I finally realized
It hurts gettin` old
Drinkin` and drugs
Partyin` all the time
Bottles lined up on the table
Then I realized
It`s medication they now hold
Ah,the memories
Livin` it all again in dreams
Days of glory fade away
When you realize
It`s sad growin` old
I`m still rockin`
Only now it`s in a chair
Still listenin` to loud music
But only cuz I can`t hear
Just thinkin` about it I have to smile
Cuz I realized
I`ve had fun, growin` old

H. Lee -- Jan. 31, 2011