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"Imaginative Impression"

Imaginative Impression...

Think about that for a moment.
Are not all our impressions based on our imaginations. How we perceive ohter people is based, usually, upon experience, except when love si involved. In love our imaginations take control and we see people as we imagine them to be, as we wish them to be.
Seldom are we completely right, nor are we ever completely wrong. It goes hand in hand with another saying:
"People belive what they want to believe."
We believe in the goodness of our fellow humans because we imagine them to be so, overlooking faults, if any.
The reverse is true, especially here.
We, - society- imagines all prisoners are bad, therefore, they are.
They overlook all the other factors that put people in prison, often falsely accused. This leads me to another quote:
" Seek and ye shall find. Unsought goes undetected."
The bad is usually obvious in people, not always but usually. You have to look for the good qualities in a person, don`t accept the obvious if you don`t look, you don`t see it.
That last bit is especially true in here. Loud people, grounchy people, quiet withdrawn people, even the bullies, if you look hard enough, deep enough, you will find something good about them - no matter what they have done.
An older man told me that back in the 80`s, I have never forgotten it!
How we perceice other people and our differences is well stated in " Secret Language of Symbols" by David Fontana. .." The underlying reason for these differences is..the creative limitations of the human mind."
This was written about symbolism but it also applies to people.
A policeman, the courts cannot see a prisoner as anything but a prisoner, a wrong-doer. While they are usually, but not always, correct in that, they are limited in their thinking. The prisoner is a human, subject to human error.
They miss that and any good that person has within them.
It applies to race, religion, customs and cultural differences.
One of my quotes touchted on acceptance of differences, toleration of differences. Through  those,  and understanding, knowlege and effort we free our minds of limitations.

Harold Lee, in his letter from January, 27 2012

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"Imaginative Impression" quote from Nosterdamus by J.H. Brennan
"Seek and ye shal find, Unsought goes undetected" quote from King Oedipus by Sophocles