Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Statement of facts....the story of Del Burkett

The following is a summary of events gathered from personal knowledge, Police Statements, detective interviews and Trial testimony.
These events took place on August 06, 2002 in Montgomery coutny, New Caney, Texas at approximately 7.00 pm. Loop 494 runs North/south and FM 1485  runs east/west through this small country town.

I, Delbert Lee Burkett, went to a convenient store, Bill`s 3 G. tp get gas for my fully restored, 1979 silver metallic, sedan Deville Cadillac. This store is located on FM 1485, approximately one half mile east of Loop 494.
While pumping gas, a long time friend, Rodney Burton, pulled up and entered the store. When I finished at the pump I pulled over beside Rodney`s Dodge Dakota pickup truck.
After Rodney exited the store, we stood outside our vehicles for several minutes visiting. Noticing that the small parking lot was becoming crowded, we got into our separate vehicles and headed east on FM 1485 for approximately one mile and pulled into a church parking lot.
We exited our vehicles once again to continue our visit. At this time another vehicle, later to be indentified as a Ford Explorer, pulled off FM 1485, onto the side street by the church and stopped right in the middle of the street.
This man appeared to be staring at us and began talking on a cell phone.
Since we were parked in a private parking lot, in a secluded country area, we decided to leave. Therefore, we jumped back into our separate vehicles and sped away back west on FM 1485, past the store, towards Loop 494. We then turned south on a street that runs parallel to Loop 494. After approximately one quarter mile we stopped. I ran back to Rodney, who was following me, to him know I had received a call to head home. We then proceeded on sought, Rodney crossing over the tracks between the street and Loop 494 at the first crossing. I continued on for approximately another half mile and crossed over to Loop 494 and headed on sought for approximately a quarter mile. I then turned left and travelled another mile into my neighborhood to my home.

About forty-five minutes later after my arrival at home, several Montgomery County Constable deputies arrived to serve a misdemeanor warrant that they had been holding for several months, while one of the Senior officers was attempting to assit me in resolving the matter.
I was transported to the Montgomery County Jail and several days later transferred to the Harris County Jail to appear for the charge named in the warrant. On or about October 04, 2002, a detainer was placed on me by Montgomery County for another Charge: Indecency With a Child/by Exposure.
I was then returned to the Montogomery County Jail after a short period.